7 definitions by Paddy-Whack

(v) to make one's proper own, by using it. Typically used for men only.
They he'd and she'd their towels.
by Paddy-Whack March 16, 2017
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(adj.) ready for parties and fun. Derived from Dutch "in voor feestjes", i.e., open for parties.
- Are you inforfacious?

- Yes, let's party!
by Paddy-Whack July 3, 2014
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short for "someone". Used by lazy typers and fast thinkers.
Yeah, but in the end one would probably end up with smo in his lab.
by Paddy-Whack November 13, 2020
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n., Acronym - Source of Orgasm. Although "Significant Other" is another, widely used, interpretation, Source of Orgasm really brings it down on the spot.
My SO is joining me for dinner tonight.
by Paddy-Whack June 16, 2014
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Deep Variational Bayes Filter
I have trouble training my DVBF.
by Paddy-Whack January 27, 2019
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To convincingly end an argument.
The lawyer disargued my disagreement.
by Paddy-Whack May 7, 2021
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An in-depth exchange between three parties.
Let's have a triscussion between your university supervisor, yourself, and me.
by Paddy-Whack January 27, 2022
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