17 definitions by Paddy

Lump of nose excrement with a nasal hair attached to it placed on the rim of a beer glass. (Irish)
see snot irish culture
Waiter, kindly replace this glass which has a findab on it or I'll tell all Dublin about the lack of hygene in this bar.
by Paddy June 11, 2004
"Daniel is like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Except he would tell the beautiful woman to piss off, cos he's gay! He likes to hug the bells. He likes to think they are bell ends!"
by Paddy February 20, 2004
hearing and a sound when u are drunk and getting sca\red cos u dont know what it is
mcshingledingle is scary
by Paddy September 13, 2004
To be russed is to have a homosexual act carried out upon ones self.
james was sucking russels cock in the tiolets.
by Paddy October 6, 2003
The section of tissue often covered with pubic hair, situated between the scrot and the anus.
Shirley what the fuck are you doing? You kicked my right in the bifkin!Bass come ere and massage my bifkin.
by Paddy September 24, 2003
when u need to go
"yo im mizzin"
by Paddy September 28, 2003