When a man has his fly open and visible
Dustin: Hi guys!
Kendra: Dustin your barn door is open.
Dustin: Thanks (zips).
by WorthyWorthington September 3, 2013
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vb. 1. the act of purchasing an item at a reduced price before the real value has restored to potentially make a profit.
n. 2. an item purchased before the real value has restored.
Jon believed that barn dooring as many players as possible would hide the fact he knows nothing about football because he is gay.
by Renziek November 13, 2010
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implying that someone is as ugly as a farmyard animal
someone forgot to close the barn door!!
(said in a bitchy camp voice)
by missy mary May 3, 2003
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Barn Doors is a reference to someone’s butt cheeks. It deprived from “back door” which is slang for anus.
“Did you see Jeffrey’s barn doors! “

“He has the barn doors of a dancer”’
by Lady Fob November 11, 2020
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Used casually to slip into conversation that the zip on someone's trousers is unfastened, prompting them to do it up.
Rob: 'Jake, you've got a barn door open.'
Jake: 'What's that?'
Rob: 'The zip on your trousers is undone.'
Jake: 'Oh, thanks' (Fastens zip up)
by Online Fan March 22, 2015
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Aggressive country bumpkin usually with a ruddy complexion always ready for a scrap with the "townies".
"I went for a drink in a country pub but the local barn door savages kept spoiling for a scrap"
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Abbreviated BDS

The act of going into a room where the door is closed then exiting leaving the door wide open hence the phrase "Were you raised in a barn"?

This activity often annoys the other people in the room who deem privacy and peace and quiet an upmost concern.
Wtf man does she have Barn Door Syndrome? She can't even close the door back when she comes in! I'm trying to play a game here and they are yelling in the other room WTFOMGBBQ
by MobileKing May 9, 2013
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