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Where all the people who defined school as hell go.
"School is terrible" 20 years lada... My life sux I work at Mcdonalds
by Ozone May 06, 2004
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Any person who goes to Landon, from ages 8-17, is intelligent, atheletic, and guarenteed to get laid some day.
Prep guy: Check out that landon guy he sux
20 years later an employee at Mcdonald's said...
Same guy: Man I wish i went to Landon
by Ozone August 07, 2004
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A word said by someone parodying another. How Landon kids make fun of "nerds"
by Ozone May 16, 2004
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The most often subject discussed on internet forums, usually by people who want to seem cool but sadly have nothing better to do.
Yah my girlfriend and i got soooo high and went to some concert i hav no idea what it was but anyway i gotta go i think my mom...i mean my grrlfriend iz calling me.
by Ozone March 31, 2006
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Comes from the 1960s as a band who would write songs about and use drugs while on and offstage. These guys were awesome, especially if they have the ability to perform while high. If they overdose though, they're screwed.
Pink Floyd comes to mind when you talk about stoner bands.

Man, Jimi Hendrix is awesome! He played while he was high the other day and it was amazing!

It's too bad the guy from Pink Floyd got kicked out for overdosing on LSD.
by Ozone January 08, 2005
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These kids carry a bottle of beer and a gun wherever they go, just in case. Enjoy shooting kids both younger and older than them, cause their faculty won't care. I'm not making fun of them, I'm scared silly of them.
I was in tears when I saw some Georgetown Prep kid shoot my 7-year old brother.
by Ozone August 13, 2004
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