23 definition by Oren

the act of one mubling about absoulte non-sence, althoughy seemingly trying to get a point across while being discreet
what the fuck is that mumble trash
by oren November 06, 2004

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a fat housekeeper with wretched crumby feet
there are so many crumbs on you feet , you are crum tilda
by oren November 06, 2004

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the same as "hell", it's a place that no one no where is it.
if some one told you:
"give me 99$ or I blow your had"
you should tell him:
"go to kibinimat"
( and maybe he will get you kibinmat..)
by Oren March 16, 2005

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Going commando (without underwear) while wearing jeans. Which is a really stupid thing to do, because jeans are tight and stiff and rough and would make it extremely uncomfortable.
1:"Karen wasn't wearing any underwear last night."
2:"But she was wearing jeans. She went retarded!"
by Oren February 23, 2005

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a term used to describe wanting to fuck a chick
"hey, i think she is in to you!"
"exactly-ill punch her in the face later"
why don't you punch her in the face
by oren November 19, 2004

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The opposite of a queef a fart made from the pen15 as a sign of affection.
Why is your arm all bruised?
Yesterday i made a quaffle and i didnt call safety!
by oren March 24, 2005

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A pretty good looking/fast car that morons who own camaros/firebirds like to insult due to their lack of funds to buy one.
Firebird kid: Mustangs suck!

Mustang owner: (throws the firebird kid some loose change) here, go buy yourself a real car

Firebird kid (waits till mustang owner leaves, then pockets the change)
by oreN March 15, 2005

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