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Some Important University Honcho who gets a special fucking parking spot next to the friggin building whilst everyone has to part their cars about 8 miles away and walk.
Fucking provosts, I'ma gonna declare myself a provost and park here. You got paper? I need you to sign this as my witness.
by Infinity March 28, 2005
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This is actually a name of a person. Originally from the book The Happy Land, it is stated that the name rhymes with 'Monroe.'

Provost is basically the most awesome person ever. She is reliable and trustworthy. You can talk to her about anything. If you want to vent you can almost always come to her because she agrees with you on most matters. Anyone would be honored to know her or date her. Everyone likes her because she has easy manners and a pretty face.

Nobody ever knows how to pronounce her name, even though she has just introduced herself with the correct pronunciation.
Person: Hi, what's your name?
Provost: Provost.
Person: How's that pronounced?
Provost: Provost, rhymes with Monroe.
Person: Oh, ok. What's your first name?
Provost: That is my first name.
by dundermifflinthisispam November 11, 2011
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