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A gay little video game character from those stupid pikmin games. He is their captain and he rapes them whenever he can. He is also being featured in the "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" where he gets killed by everyone. He is a crappy, gay, and sucks balls. Anyone who plays as him is just a gay person in the closet who is hiding behind this stupid game chracter.
That kid at school is definetly an Olimar.
by Troy dude January 11, 2008
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An awesome Nintendo character. Olimar was in his rocket ship in space but he crashed in the Planet Of The Pikmin. His life support detected that the oxygen in The Planet Of The Pikmin had poison in it and his life support system can only last for 30 more days. Olimar has to find his missing ship parts before 30 days but luckily he found some pikmin that will help him survive. They help him carry stuff,attack enemies,and find the ship parts. Eventually Olimar finds all of his ship parts then he returns home and the pikmin learn to fend for themselves. Olimar made an appearance in Super Smash Bros Brawl.
by nintendo09y7789908yu9ijo June 17, 2009
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One of the greatest characters in SSBB only matched by Ike and Diddy Kong, he runs around with his pikmin allowing him good offensive reach. Since the distribution of the SSBB game when ever a person gets the Olimar Final Smash when used and Olimar jumps in his rocket, it is manditory for the player to yell "TO SPPAAAAACCEEEE" then the other players (if there are any) get pissed of because they just got pwnd by a 3 foot tall man in a space suit.
P1: awe you picked Olimar ur a fag.
P2: *gets final smash* guess wut bitch, TO SPPAAAACCCCEE!!!1!!1!one
P1:damn you and yo pikmins.
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