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How far one is willing to travel to have sex.
Otherwise I'm not particularly fond of her, but she stimulates my sex drive to the point I'm willing to burn a tank of gas to tag it.
by Omar O. Ungh July 13, 2010
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Damn, I just put a new roll on yesterday! That crack of yours should be smoothed over with as much ass polish as you use!
by Omar O. Ungh March 05, 2011
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When you have to pee really bad but are stuck in traffic and just can't hold it any longer.
I really shouldn't have stopped for that beer after work because the freeway was jammed and I had a traffic accident- now I have to get the car detailed to get the piss out of the seat.
by Omar O. Ungh October 06, 2010
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Any publication for males dedicated to how to be a man.
You read GQ? Look, being a man is, or it isn't; if you need a man-ual you may as well be reading Cosmo.
by Omar O. Ungh May 13, 2011
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Cleavage displayed to draw attention of admirers as to inspire them to sing their praise.
Hallelujah! That push up bra on Maria sure gives a great display of gleevage!
by Omar O. Ungh July 24, 2010
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An unwanted advance from someone you'd never consider intimacy with. Pronounced with a vomit-in-the-throat accent.
That granny skank just cornered me, rubbed her slag tits on me, put $10 in my pocket, said she'd blow me...then spit her teeth into her drink and grinned. That's an awffer- oh gawd (sipping beer)- I'll never be too drunk to refuse.
by Omar O. Ungh September 28, 2011
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