Fulton, New York was an industrialized city that contained several manufacturing plants such as the wool and Nestles first US chocolate factory. Known as the city that missed the great depression, things took a turn for the worst during the recent recession. This resulted in closing many factories and the loss of jobs including the shutdown of the towns hospital. Fulton could be a hidden goldmine if someone would invest money to create jobs there but it is full of houses for sale or foreclosed. The sign into Fulton reads, City With A Future. Fulton was named after Robert Fulton, Inventor of the Steamboat. The high school there, G. Ray Bodley is well known for their wrestling team known as the Fulton Red Raiders.
Residents of Fulton used to look forward to the lingering smell of Chocolate in the air from the factory, home of the crunch bar.
by usedtolivethere March 18, 2011
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Someone who has a MASSIVE ego. Usually they think they are the shit and just can't stop talking. Ever. They are incapable of keeping their mouth shut and never run out of steam, especially when talking about themselves.

Derived from Robert Fulton, who is widely credited with developing the first commercially successful steamboat.
Mom: Hey, honey, how was your day?
Son: Sucked total balls, Mom. Some lard ass Fulton kept harassing me all day about how awesome he was, so I socked him in the face during third period.
Mom: ....
Son: Hey, that bitch had it comin'!
by Derektheyeti November 3, 2011
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a town in central newyork. It is fucked up, and it is calleld the outer limits of syracuse because it is ghetto.

A nickname for fulton is Fucked Up Little Town On Narcotics, given to Fulton by their neighbor, Oswego.
Girl: I come from Fulton.
Boy: You must be retarded or a whore.
by Kisa Chan December 13, 2010
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Someone who is so ridiculously fat that they weigh nearly a full ton and is not jolly like Fat Albert but is instead a complete prick. Also synonomus with Fat Lard and Thuder Cunt.
So i was walking down wilfred street and this Fulton comes out of his house wearing wife beaters and sun glasses and slams his mum's head into a wall.
by Lesbians Dave November 19, 2011
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The Georgia county containing the baddest city in the South.
If it aint in Fulton it's probably not worth living in.
by get0ut0fmyh34d July 25, 2008
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rubbing one's finger up and down their own butt crack and then running it under someone's nose
Student: OMG What's that smell?
Senora Tobias: I gave Ashley a Fulton. Shutup or you'll get onem too.
by SR Student Word Dubbing Council December 31, 2008
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1. A county in Georgia, adjacent to Gwinnett. The north of Fulton includes Duluth and Alpharetta, a very racist and spoiled area. The south of Fulton is a less upscale, ghetto area. There is little understanding on why north Fulton is so KKK-influenced. Gwinnett, which is also predominantly caucasian, is much less prejudice to non-pale people. Popular opinion is that the parents strongly influence and enforce racism on their children. A popular site in Fulton is the Regal Cinema. There, punkass bitches smoke weed, dip, get in sissy fights, snort the lemon stuff you get when you buy a ticket, and hook up with underdeveloped 13 year old pussy (see, that little blond girl was a freshman, how could you not tell).

2. Also, Mike Jones is fucking huge in Fulton.
1. Goddamn, Fulton is the downfall of 300 years of American culture.

2. Fultonite (younger brother): who's on the phone, who's on the phone, why do you keep talking about groceries, who's on the phone, what do you mean we need milk, who's on the phone, who's on the phone, who's on the phone...

Fultonite 2 (older brother): shut the fuck up, its mike jones, who do you fucking think it is.

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