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Dogshit story with amazing fluid gameplay, extreme goriness and great stealth mechanics
The Last of Us Part II had one of most boriest stories and yet they got 10 out of 10 from IGN, whereas Doom got 7.1 out of 10. IGN, more like 'I suck my moms boobs for dinner'
by Notmelol123 April 22, 2022
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This needs a fixing. Here's a proper version: Share definitions that other people will find meaningful and never define someone's name or post people’s personal information.
Share definitions that other people will find meaningful and never post hate speech or people’s personal information.

You can't hate names, but you can define them in a good way, like 'Paul is a sex god and will beat up any bullies'. Like if moderators don't already have a lot of work
by Notmelol123 May 23, 2022
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Try clicking refresh button, you will see a result
Stupid test it's very easy once you know...
by Notmelol123 February 19, 2022
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A thing used in C++. It's short for standard
1 example:
#include <iostream>

int main(){

std::cout << "Hello World";

2 example
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main() {

string ans;

cout << "Hello ";

cin >> ans;

if (ans == "Pornhub"){

cout << "Really?";

} else if (ans == "World"){

cout << "Yes";

} else {

cout << "nice try";

// Shit code I know
by Notmelol123 June 6, 2022
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Also known as Spybook gaming, Crapbook gaming and Shitbook gaming. It tries to be superior to YouTube, Pornhub and Twitch.
It is scary to think that your favorite youtuber, pornhub channel or twitch channel would end up on Facebook gaming
by Notmelol123 February 23, 2022
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Pretending to have disorders (such as ADHD, depression...). Most people fake it because they want attention, likes, shares, views and comments. It's mostly done in social media (such as TikTok, Instagram...). Here's the list of commonly faked disorders:
-Tics (common in TikTok)

-Depression (common in Snapchat and Instagram)

-OCD (common in TikTok)

-DID (common in TikTok)

To spot a fake disorder, here's some red flags you should follow (this list will assume that you're on social media and looking at their video):

-Look at the comments (look for 'you faking it' or something, the faker would probably say something like 'no i have it, you are the faker')

-Look at older and newer content (effective for Tics and OCD)

-They alter to other personality in the beat of music (effective for DID)

-They threaten you that they will alter to you and beat you (effective for DID)

-They have vhs edited Bart Simpson, some 'deep feeling' music and says something like 'I want to die' 'I want to end it' 'I cant do this anymore' (effective for Depression)

-They have list of 'disorders' that they have (commom in tiktok)

-They list of 'personalities' that they alter to (example: they take picture of popular youtuber (usually minecrafter), the make dogshit like
-Jikk He/Him hates you, bald
-Ienhu He/Him hates transgander people
-TechnoNoob He/Him has adhd, trash at minecraft

*Due to 1500 character limit there isnt more red flags*
You: You're faking disorder
Him: fuck you, i gonna alter to you and beat you
You: try surviving cod voice chat lol, gl n00b
by Notmelol123 January 20, 2022
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Twitter backwards. It also means that you are bored to death
rettiwt sound like retweet
by Notmelol123 May 25, 2022
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