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The representation of anything by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character.
The twilight movies have quite a bit of pro-abstinence symbolism.
by kyle.biddle January 05, 2011
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A word that can be used to pass advanced English class if used enough times.
teacher: so what does this book tell us about society?
student: Dude, it's like, symbolism, you know, sybolism, symbolism...uh...SYMBOLYSIM!
teacher: A+++++++++++++ FOREVER!
student: Dude, THAT is symbolim.
by Danny Peterson January 11, 2004
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using a photograph or illustration showing a similar subject as the caption, even if said photograph or illustration is of a different variant (as popularized by Mocha Uson)
*Photo of Honduran soldiers with caption "Let's pray for our soldiers in (insert place other than Honduras here)"*

"That photo isn't from your captioned country."

"It's symbolism , idiot! Did I say the photo shows this country's soldiers? It's the thought that counts."
by mocha_lover May 31, 2017
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