Word Verification. Some sites (like Blogger) have an option for the moderator to require comment posters to type in a random set of letters in order to make a comment. This requirement weeds out some comment spambots. Occasionally the Word Verification letters are eerily or humorously related to the content of the comment, and the poster will reference this in the comment with "WV: word. Example sentence."
WV: phona. I'm-a gonna phona this-a dictionary entry in-a.
by Yakityak April 12, 2009
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It means 'what ever' This is from my past experience with POV's on tik tok so idk if it is actually correct but most tik toks say that it means 'what ever'.

'Dont talk to me again!'-Emma
by WV! May 26, 2020
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WV- walking vagina.

a way of saying someone is a total slut and will sleep with just about anybody, and this is the best way to say it to someones face and they wont know wtf youre talking about. :)
"My god, Jen you are such a WV."

"uhm, wtf? okay?"
by vndfmfndjkvhcfhrkjf September 6, 2008
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When someone in West Virginia shits their pants because of being too lazy to go to the bathroom. Either accidently or intentionally if they can't be bothered.
JD was getting close to his high score on his favorite pinball machine and had to take a dump. He decided to do the WV and just shit his pants instead.
by NastyNealLee November 28, 2022
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The only comeback that can beat “no w
It’s pronounced as “triple you” as the v makes it look like that.
no u
no w
no wv
by thepres1’s Stuff July 4, 2022
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Simply put, Wet Vagina Syndrome. Some days are wetter than others and WVS (pronounced WUVS)is a perfect term to describe it.
I had such bad WVS today I had to change my underwear when I got home.
by EJM July 1, 2007
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An abbreviation for Watching Videos. Usually referring to popular internet video sites like YouTube or Google Video.
- Hey, what are you up to?

- nm, just wv

- oh yeah, that's cool

- haha this one is so funny, I'll send you the link

- kk
by ryurich August 19, 2007
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