A nemesis as a low-life, evil enemy of yours, that stands in your way of everything you live by. They could be your sworn enemy, fighting with you till the better end, it could be that evil presence surrounding you--day in--day out, or, it could even be.....your next door neighbour *loud scary music*.
"You...you're my true nemesis because you've killed my family....and now I shall punish thee!!!!"
by xtr0y3re October 15, 2004
a ritous infliction of reprabution manifested by an appropriate agent pecolified in this case as an honourable CUNT
rL|nemisis is a perfect example
by jason AKA NEMISIS April 5, 2003
A self infliction of retribution, manifesting itself into an appropriate agent. Oersonified in this case by an honorible cunt... Me.
I am your nemisis and I will feed you to the pigs
by A barrel roll July 23, 2011