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term used while major ownage. Most typically used in a loud tone. During use ears will began to gush blood and people will began to die. After word there seems to be a sight of locoation where there is a huge cretor. If begun to be heard. Run like hell.
Video game scene. Presumibly smash
player 1 "dude I am owning you"
player two is pissed and begans to yell extrondinarily loud "BABOOM!!!!!!!!"
earth shakes
Player 1 dies while hearing
Player 2 "FUCK YOU!"
by Nooby bot February 17, 2008

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great insult referring to a pile a sperm
Mario kart64
player a "fuck pile game!!!"
by nooby bot February 25, 2008

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when you think your about to commit ultimate pwnage and state pwnage to either be completely defeated or be proven wrong in a barassing matter
Spanish class
student a "pwnage I just finished"
Teacher a "none of this is right"
student b "REVERSE PWNAGE"
student a "FUCK YOU!"
by nooby bot February 24, 2008

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Great insult to man or woman refering to cramming a cock in your mouth
betty: "hey"
frank: "your a cockalope"
betty: "fuck you"
by Nooby bot February 14, 2008

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1 during the act of almost a fatal loss you come back with an amazing almost unbelievable, and remarkable, come back making you either win, or come close enough to your victory

2 you are being being owned to a degree of which you would consider dieing

3 term used by noobies who do player kills, but then later die
setting, video game, presumably halo 2
person a: "dude i just pwned your last life"
person b sneaks up behind person a and shoots the fucking life out of him, then kills him 20 times with out a single death
person b: "this is uber ownage nooby"
person a: "FUCK YOU!"
by nooby bot February 18, 2008

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term used in vulgar pain
person a "dude?!?!? You ok?!?!?!?!?!?
person b "SHIT FUCKER!!! So much pain!"
person a "FUCK YOU!"
by Nooby bot February 17, 2008

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to dodge a fly man or woman while in mid air, and happens to be naked, and perfectly lands on you in a sexual way.......
person a; currently flying through the air....naked, "I'M GONNA RAPE YOU!"
person b; cunningly dodges "FUCK YOU, YOU JUST GOT COUNTERFUCKED"
person a; "FUCK YOU"
by nooby bot September 22, 2008

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