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This whole jelly bracelet crap is stupid and someone just came up this so called "sex or shag" game so that us teens who aren't really smart will end up having sex at an early age... well, to me this whole "sex" thing is stupid and whoever come up with it needs to be taught some big ass lesson...

This goes to the parents:
Please stop treating us like little five year olds with these stupid bracelets...let us learn what live is all about by letting us wear them to school each and every day... also, let us decide if wearing these bracelets are worth it or not because sooner or later we won't be living on our own in our own house and that means that you won't be there to tell us what to do so please let us learn the hard way what life is all about...

This is for the schools:
We aren’t trying to have sex at school, we aren’t trying to doing anything bad by wearing these jelly bracelets. We just are trying to look cuter, hotter, or trying to make a fashion statement by wearing them. So please don’t take our bill of rights away from us just because we feel it’s right to wear the bracelets or we like having them as a fashion statement…

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of the Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Untied States of America… Remember the constitutions Preamble… well, us teens are just trying to live by it the best we can but when one stupid person starts making a stupid “sex” game out of these bracelets it turns our lives inside out and people start thinking we are having sex when we wear them… well, some of us teens that wear them know right from wrong and us teens that do know right from wrong are just wearing them as a fashion statement not a way to earn sex for free from a few friends… so don’t worry you won’t have to ban these jelly bracelets anymore from the schools or from the United States at all because us teens out there that wore wearing these bracelets that are girls have stopped wearing them because people think that we are having us when we wear them and that’s something we want hanging on us for live…

This is what they mean to us kids these days at school:
Black- Goth/punk
Purple- virgin
Red- single
Blue- bad girl
Yellow- kiss
Orange- make out
Green- hug
Pink- no meaning
White- flash
Clear- no meaning
Mom: Hun, you can't wear those bracelets to school because each color means a different thing.

Me: Well, I don't care if they mean a different color or not. I am still going to wear them to school or not.

Mom: If you do I will have to ground you from the computer for a week.

Me: Fine! I will take them off and not wear them to school. "Walks off and puts them into my backpack in my room. Then later puts them on when I get to school."
by nina January 02, 2005
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Cool, neat, interesting in a weird and most fucked up way.
That purple condom package is SO totally Willers!
by Nina February 21, 2005
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new found glory. they're pretty cool. i like the songs. BUT why do you mo' fukas gotta hate on people? damn u guyz fuken piss me off. just because you hate your damn life, doesnt mean you gotta hate on other peoples accomplishments! KISS MY ASS!
NFG ROX n u fags cant do shyt about it! HA!
by nina September 05, 2004
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A ying-yang is a circular symbol split in half so that each half looks like a sideways tear-drop. The two sides are labeled Ying and Yang. Ying is white with a circle of black in the bulb of its tear and has the point of the tear up. Yang is black with a circle of white in the bulb of its tear, its point is down.
A ying-yang symbolizes the belief that there is two sides to everything. The light without dark, no day without night, happiness without sadness, good without bad, ect..
It also shows that nothing is purely good or bad or so on and so forth. The two pieces on their own are half, together they are whole, and balanced. the Ying side represents good/light/day ( pretty much anything positive) and Yang is pretty much anything negative. Ying, in a ying-yang, is always on the left side.
The twins act just like a ying-yang, one is always causing trouble, and the other is always so nice a sweet.
by Nina April 20, 2005
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It is simply the word "situation" spelled funny!
"We are in a very tight sitcheeAshun,fellas"
by Nina March 06, 2005
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the characteristic of making you sad
It was tragic when the cops busted up the rage.
by Nina July 28, 2003
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an old english acronym for

written down by police when they caught people having sexual intercourse in public. now just means to have sexual intercourse
Girl-I'm a virgin.
Guy-So you don't fuck?
Girl-Not yet!
by Nina November 09, 2006
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