19 definitions by Nigel

1. (n) A large collection of concrete, seemingly deposited at random within a never ending concrete circle, and never organied by an architecht.
2. (adj) a once pround sporting team or individual, now fighting a continuously losing battle in the face of over whelming odds, with little or no hope of regaining its former glory.
'A great big pile of Coventry'
'Give it up now, Redgrave, before you make a complete Coventry of your self'
by Nigel January 7, 2004
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to stalk someone with a far less sinister intent, however, with far less skill
I saw this girl at the mall the other day, and I got in some creepy crawls hoping to see her try some panties on.
by Nigel May 6, 2004
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V. -- to try to seduce someone
Oh man, I went to the bar last night and I cruised the shit out of this girl, I did such a good job at cruising her, her boyfriend wanted me to take him home too.
by Nigel May 6, 2004
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Adj.--To have a high verbal ability which is used to seduce another person.
Cambell Scott was so damn cruisy in the movie Roger Dodger.
by Nigel May 6, 2004
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the peoples chariot is just another name for the bus!
"the peoples chariot is never on time"
by Nigel May 22, 2004
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what you get when you happen to smell a girls cunt.
I walked past this biddy the other day and I caught the nastiest bitch whiff, that girl needs to wash her cunt.
by Nigel January 14, 2004
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A utility insult, like ass hat; the blow indicates that there is no substance, a bullshitter, pejoratively riding on the coattails of blow job. Fuck is just the usual super insult puncuation.
What a blow fuck!
I came this close to hitting that blow fuck!
by Nigel September 9, 2004
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