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Yo why u so sticky what were u makin' wafles?
by Nigel May 5, 2005
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A utility insult, like ass hat; the blow indicates that there is no substance, a bullshitter, pejoratively riding on the coattails of blow job. Fuck is just the usual super insult puncuation.
What a blow fuck!
I came this close to hitting that blow fuck!
by Nigel September 9, 2004
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a ponce, twiddler, or Garragiola.
Left to his own devices that mufty would never have mentioned the fop's fob.
by Nigel January 22, 2005
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to get strung along over a long period of time with the implicit notion that a great partnership will be the reward for showing commitment. then at the moment of the anticipated union, a betrayal in epically cruel fashion takes place. leaving the loyal party feeling devastated while the other runs off with another 'sexier' partner. the betrayer pointing to the logical nature of "the decision", while completely ignoring the abject cruelty of it's delivery.
I was dating a friend once and after we got back from a Caribbean vacation she totally Lebroned me for some guy she worked with. We don't speak anymore.

I once had this great invention and an investor came to look at my product. I never heard from him again, but I was totally Lebroned when a year later I saw that guy on the cover of Forbes with my idea.
by Nigel July 29, 2010
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To heat up a stool sample in a microwave.
"Just Georgie Pie it"
by Nigel October 15, 2014
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'Quebec' is a Cree word meaning the narrowing (or widening) of the waters. In Scottish it would translate as Glasgow
by Nigel June 26, 2003
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