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Large, inexplicable dinosaur that steps on time travelers and then announces its identity.
Man: It worked! My time machine wor-
Dinosaur, after stepping on him: I am a stegosaurus!
by ThatOneDinoNerd February 14, 2017
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A fucking vegetarian dinosaur you idiots! Stegosaurus lived in the Jurrasic Period, 150 million years ago, and his tail was not a dildo but a fucking spike!
Teacher during Sex ED: Jared, what's a Stegosaurus?
Jared: A dinosaur you idiot!
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by DinoCoat March 07, 2017
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A lewd act in which, while a man is having vaginal sex with a woman from behind (doggy-style), he inserts the wrong end of a spiked dildo into her anus, so that it sticks up like the tail of the dinosaur from whom it takes its name.
I hear Sam gave Kate a Stegosaurus.
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005
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A level of inebriation that induces uncontrollable herbivorism; driving you to consume the first plant you see.

Additional consumption of alcohol past this point may move the drunk individual into a pica state, where they will consume inorganic substances such as dirt and coins.
He was so wasted he went stegosaurus on the garden. Gave those plants the fixins.
by Fabulous Hank February 10, 2011
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-MAN ONLY MOVE- A "stegosaurus" is a type of dick move, much like the batwing or the brain. To successfully do the stegosaurus, you must hair gel your pubic hairs into a mohawk. After drying, lie on your back (fully naked), and get a full on erection. In this postiion, with the mohawked pubes and boner in an upside-down postion, your cock+balls will look like a roughly detailed dinosaur
Jimmy wanted to show his friends the stegosaurus, but he didn't have any hair gel.
by Duke Gilgamesh March 10, 2008
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A kilsyth slang word for someone who has lots romantic relationships in a short period of time, usually referring to a girl. It originally was used say that the person in question is like the dinosaur, but no one really remembers how it relates to the prehistoric monster.
Christie is such a stegosaurus, that's her third relationship this year.
by ItsTenThrity April 29, 2011
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When a dick has hard sharp skin and it cuts up the girls vagina so she bleeds out.
I got shredded by Matt Amato because he stegosaurused me
by Cade bees November 16, 2016
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