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A person, usually a best friend, who expresses their friendship to the max whereas one person would even die for the other. There are ride-n-die chicks which a boy usually claims a close female companion or girlfriend type but with closer bonding. A true ride-n-die person shows extreme affection and admiration towards the other ride-n-die, doing everything and anything for the opposing person, including getting in trouble, dying for them, or giving up everything for their friendship. A ride-n-die is the highest level of companionship.
Fefe: Damn Bonnie and Clyde, those natorious theifs, were killed together I learned today in history.
Jayla: Yea, they loved each other, robbed with each other, and died together. They were true ride and die.

Omar: Man Jane, you like my girl but a my nigga at the same time.
Jane: Yea I figured
Omar: You ma ride and die chick forreal.
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008

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1.) The act of being hood or ghetto in a celebrative matter. When something or someone is ‘Hood Rich,’ it often expose high glam, popularity, southern hospitality, a little bit of income, a relax state of mind, or positive living in a not-so positive place. When it comes to some exerts of being Hood Rich, it can be viewed as enjoying a Friday evening with the block boys, pretty girls, cheap alcohol beverages, pressure (cannabis), and music enjoying a night-in a term like that, the even can be described as a ‘Hood Rich’ event.
2.) A Hood Rich person is someone living in a project, block, or ghetto that has a pleasant lifestyle of a type of lower social status luxery.
3.) A term describing a success from nothing to something.
Person 1: Damn nigga what a beautiful southern night! Girls, brew, pressure, and black-n-milds!
Person 2: Yea nigga this is Hood Rich!

Jackie: Damn look at Tommy he be looking all hooked up.
Lilly: I know right and he be staying up in them Rembrant Apartments, how he be doing that?
Jackie: I don't know that nigga got it Hood Rich though.
by Newport Boo 813 April 03, 2008

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Term used, mostly by females, when purposely looking for eye candy or attractive others. Eye Candy Shopping is mostly when a female or her friends usually go out to mall nights, sprucing up their style, and walking aimlessly around just looking for or looking forward to seeing other attractive boys or whatever pleasures their sight-response. You can go eye candy shopping any where-malls, schools, football games, outings, clubs, e.t.c. ‘Shopping’ comes from the fact that you are purposely looking or searching for eye candy.
Hilary: Omg Courtney! Let's go to the mall tonight and see a movie and hang out.
Courtney: Omg no! Let's go Eye Candy Shopping! It's friday and it's bound to be packed!

Raynee: Yubi, I thought we were going to the football game to watch the game, why are we pacing around?
Yubi: Common Raynee, no one watches the football game, everyone is Eye Candy Shopping right now, look around you!

Justin: Hey Brice, let's go to the Airfest on the air force base.
Brice: Hell no! What do I look like?
Justin: Common, just imagine all the girls in their short-shorts! It's the perfect place to go eye candy shopping.
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008

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The act of giving someone half of the smoked cigarette. The person usually lights up a cigarette as another ask using the term ‘bust me shorts’ meaning letting them smoke half of still lit cigarette.
Person 1: Man I need to smoke this port.
Person 2: Ey' man bust me shorts on that.
Person 1: Man, I'm always bustin' shorts on you, buy your own pack!
by Newport Boo 813 April 03, 2008

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During the day, usually early mornings or early afternoons, drinking liquor or alcoholic beverages outside under the suns rays. When sun drinking you are commonly to become drunk or intoxicated quickly and at a stronger effect-especially if in the southern states where this word is most common (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi). Sun drinking is mostly a southern myth by most but actually affecting millions each afternoon.
Brian: Damn look Cylde, that nigga is fucked up-I watched him! He only had one beer.
Cederic: Common man, it's like 2:00 in the afternoon and it's 91 degrees outside, that nigga was sun drinking duh.
Adelia: Hey Samantha you want to have a beer over by the pool and tan?
Samantha: Yea, but only one, I gotta go meet Billy's parents and I can't be sun drinking-it gets to me really bad!
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008

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The personal or underground secrets or personal business of co-workers or the entire work environment. People who know peoples work laundry are basically those who know their dirty laundry, but that of working area or corporate.
Jean: Man, supervisor James is a fucking crack-head I swear...he acts like one...
Marlow: Man why you spreading James work laundry? Janitor Bill and Pizza boy A.D. already head he was a crack head!

A.D.: Did you hear about Supervisor Heather? She slept with that one guy who orders the same chicken-bacon-club sandwhich everyday.
Sophia: Damn, everyone knows her work laundry..
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008

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1.) A secret term or code term used to leave or flee freely with no questions or regards to why. A person cannot claim ‘pineapple’ unless asked a question regarding pineapple. If pineapple is responded, then without further ado, the person is permitted to leave the area, situation, or dilemma freely *basically a get out of jail for free card is played.* 2.) Referring to an awkward or uncomfortable situation. The person must call ‘pineapple’ to someone willing to help excuse them from the situation freely.
1.)Dina: Omg, look at your boyfriend talk to that slut...how can you just sit her and admit that she's just his friend? If you weren't sitting there, she'd so be hitting on him.
Georgia: Damn...I wish i can leave right now and he doesn't have to have any answers why!
Dina: Oh! What's your favorite juice than?
Georgia: Yes! Pineapple! Let's go!
*walks past boyfriend*
Robert: Georgia! Where you going?!
Dina: She said pineapple is her favorite juice.

2.) Kennedy: So, you gonna' tell me who gave you ghonorea or what?
Josie Common! We don't got to go through this! Felicity, tell him that pineapples are from Hawaii! *winks at Felicity*
Felicity: *catches on* Uh, sorry Kennedy, Josie and I have to go, we'll talk later about this!
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008

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