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Term used, mostly by females, when purposely looking for eye candy or attractive others. Eye Candy Shopping is mostly when a female or her friends usually go out to mall nights, sprucing up their style, and walking aimlessly around just looking for or looking forward to seeing other attractive boys or whatever pleasures their sight-response. You can go eye candy shopping any where-malls, schools, football games, outings, clubs, e.t.c. ‘Shopping’ comes from the fact that you are purposely looking or searching for eye candy.
Hilary: Omg Courtney! Let's go to the mall tonight and see a movie and hang out.
Courtney: Omg no! Let's go Eye Candy Shopping! It's friday and it's bound to be packed!

Raynee: Yubi, I thought we were going to the football game to watch the game, why are we pacing around?
Yubi: Common Raynee, no one watches the football game, everyone is Eye Candy Shopping right now, look around you!

Justin: Hey Brice, let's go to the Airfest on the air force base.
Brice: Hell no! What do I look like?
Justin: Common, just imagine all the girls in their short-shorts! It's the perfect place to go eye candy shopping.
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008
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