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During the day, usually early mornings or early afternoons, drinking liquor or alcoholic beverages outside under the suns rays. When sun drinking you are commonly to become drunk or intoxicated quickly and at a stronger effect-especially if in the southern states where this word is most common (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi). Sun drinking is mostly a southern myth by most but actually affecting millions each afternoon.
Brian: Damn look Cylde, that nigga is fucked up-I watched him! He only had one beer.
Cederic: Common man, it's like 2:00 in the afternoon and it's 91 degrees outside, that nigga was sun drinking duh.
Adelia: Hey Samantha you want to have a beer over by the pool and tan?
Samantha: Yea, but only one, I gotta go meet Billy's parents and I can't be sun drinking-it gets to me really bad!
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008
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