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1. Just like the corresponding part of a female's anatomy, it's the small nodule located on the front wall of a sissy pussy that, when rubbed, produces a sissygasm.

2. Physiologically the same thing as the male g-spot, or prostate gland. However, because it's located on a sissy and not a man, it cannot be identified using masculine terminology.
Sissy michelle loves the way her inflatable butt plug presses on her sissy g-spot and gives her a sissygasm.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 3, 2021
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A ladies man who loves pussy so much that he is always pursuing a piece of strange regardless of how many woman he already has waiting at his beck and call.
Becky: James is such a stud, I'd do anything for him. It's so hot that he screwed me last night and he banged you the night before. Now he's upstairs laying pipe on Mandy.

Veronica: I know. He's like the best and stuff. Us girls are all, like, so lucky he's such a pussyfiend.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 22, 2021
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Any activity that one or more person engages in to deliberately increase arousal and potentially lead to orgasm.
My favorite sexual activity is jerking off while my rival's favorite sexual activity is fucking the woman I have a crush on.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 15, 2021
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A voluntarily involuntary celibate is a cross between a voluntary celibate (vocel or volcel) who makes a personal or religious choice to be celibate and an involuntary celibate (incel) who is celibate due to having physical characteristics and/or personality traits that repel females.

Despite their shared experience of being celibate due to rejection by females, the incel and v-cel develop contrasting psychologies and views of women.

Typical Motives and Thought Patterns:

incel: narcissistic personality disorder
v-cel: masochistic inferiority complex

incel: Girls reject me cause they're flawed.
v-cel: Girls reject me cause I'm flawed.

incel: I am superior to my romantic rivals.
v-cel: I am inferior to my romantic rivals.

incel: I am entitled to sex.
v-cel: I am unworthy of sex.

incel: My (average size) dick is big and thick.
v-cel: My (average size) prick is tiny and gross.

incel: Women are stupid whores.
v-cel: Women are infallible goddesses.

incel: Females should submit to my wishes.
v-cel: I should submit to any female's wishes.

incel: Being nice to bitches makes you a SIMP.
v-cel: I put all pussy on a pedestal.

incel: Being in the friend zone is living hell.
v-cel: Getting friendzoned would be heavenly.

incel: I don't care about some cunt's problems.
v-cel: I'd love to be her emotional tampon.
I realized I was a v-cel after a I got kicked out of an incel forum for always complimenting the girls doing the rejecting and criticizing the guy getting rejected even when he was me.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 7, 2021
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A male who's so sexually attractive that his presence saturates a typical heterosexual woman's vulva and labia with vaginal fluid in anticipation of copulation.
Becky: Look, here comes James. I'm getting wet.

Veronica: He's like so hot he makes my panties soaking wet and stuff.

Mandy: I'm leaking a little too. He's a pussy hydrant alright.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 23, 2021
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1. Devoting one's life to admiring, obtaining, and serving cock. Fulfillment is only achieved by thoroughly pleasuring the cock to ejaculation, not through the worshipper's own orgasm.

2. Being so obsessed that dick is the first thing one thinks about when they wake up, the motivation that gets them through the day, and the last image in their minds eye before falling asleep and dreaming of dick.

3. A sexual activity that involves kneeling before a penis, gazing at it, playing with it, kissing it, licking it, and sucking it slowly and deliberately to prolong the experience. Often includes ball sucking and rimming to show absolute reverence for the man and his cock.

4. As was done in some ancient primitive cultures, idolizing the phallus as a powerful deity containing the spark from which all life emanates.
1. After putting me in the friendzone, Becky confessed she's into cock worshipping. So, when we hang out, she's always sexting other guys, looking at their dick pics, or having me give her rides so she can give them head.

2. I love Becky, hanging out with her, and being her roommate and her bestie. But, sometimes I wish we could talk about something besides other guys dicks and how she loves being a cock worshipping slut.

3. I often wait in my car for an hour or more while Becky provides cock worshipping service to a guy she just met on Tinder.

4. When Becky decorated our apartment with phallic statues and artwork, I realized cock worshipping had become her religion.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 17, 2021
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The status where a girl friendzones a guy yet he remains so in love with her that he explicitly or implicitly agrees to stop pursuing other women. Instead, he dedicates his time and money to her. Enjoying the attention and gifts, she goes along with the mutually beneficial arrangement as long as he never attempts to cock block a man she desires.

The guy/girl roles illustrated above can be filled by any person of any gender. The above scenario is just the most prevalent.
My friend Katie is a serial monogamist who falls for bad boy types and frequently asks me, "Why can't I be attracted to nice guys like you?" After ten years of being at her beck and call, serving as her emotional tampon, buying her nice things, and hoping she might see something in me, I now realize I'll be in her friendzone for life. And I love her so much I'm okay with that.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 16, 2021
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