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1. A cis male who never assumes the role of a male in sexual situations.

Examples: chaste cuckold, gimp, oral sex slave, pussyboy, bottomboy, sissy, v-cel, sexual reject

2. A cis male with one or more penis related problems that render him sexually inadequate as a male.

Examples: small penis, micropenis, impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation
Even though I look and act like any other male outside of the bedroom, I identify as a pseudomale since I only have sex with my mouth pussy and never my puny peenee.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 12, 2021
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Teaching an unfuckable male loser to avert his eyes (look away) whenever he is exposed to a nude vagina.

He must be pussyless and pussyfree because pussy is too good for him, pussy has no use for him, and pussy shouldn't be enjoyed by him in any way.
While teaching her three other submissives to be proper pussy worshipping sex slaves, my Femdom Mistress taught me pussy aversion as part of my sissy training.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 17, 2021
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A male (possibly female or thing) who is so sexually revolting to a typical woman that any moisture is pulled away from her vulva whenever he's in close proximity to her.
Becky: Ew, Mike's looking at us.

Veronica: Gawd, I know. He's, like, so gross he makes my pussy like a desert and stuff.

Mandy: Yeah, he's pussy desiccant alright.

Veronica: Like, what's that and stuff?

Becky: You know those little packets that come in a new pair of shoes that say "do not eat".

Mandy: That's right. Do not put desiccant in your mouth or your pussy.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 21, 2021
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Someone (usually male) so annoyingly full of hot air that he makes a woman's pussy dry simply by talking to her.
Becky: Oh no, here comes my stupid husband, Mike. He probably wants to blab on and on about some nerdy stuff.

Veronica: I, like, have a hair dryer to dry my hair and stuff, a clothes dryer to, like, dry my clothes and stuff, and Becky's loser husband to, like, dry my pussy and stuff.

Mandy: So, what's that make Mike, a pussy dryer?

Becky: Exactly.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 21, 2021
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A ladies man who loves pussy so much that he is always pursuing a piece of strange regardless of how many woman he already has waiting at his beck and call.
Becky: James is such a stud, I'd do anything for him. It's so hot that he screwed me last night and he banged you the night before. Now he's upstairs laying pipe on Mandy.

Veronica: I know. He's like the best and stuff. Us girls are all, like, so lucky he's such a pussyfiend.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 21, 2021
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To be free from both the pain of pursuing and the pleasure of successfully acquiring pussy.

At minimum, this means no fucking pussy, but is often expanded to include no touching pussy, no tasting pussy, no seeing pussy, no surrogate pussy, no non platonic contact with females, and/or no viewing female nudity.

Benefits of being free from pussy

1. Freedom from rejection
Pain from rejection, fear of rejection, and a history of rejection combine to form a certainty of rejection in some socially awkward introverts. Since he cannot approach a women with any confidence or optimism, he finds comfort in giving up the chase and focusing his energy on other pursuits.

2. Freedom from disappointing women
When a male has a small penis, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and/or other penile problems, he often feels awful for failing to satisfy his partner. It's a relief to know he will never again subject a woman to his sexual inadequacies nor feel the accompanying guilt, shame, and humiliation.

3. Freedom from undeserved pleasure
It is common for a submissive masochistic male with an inferiority complex (sissy, cuckold, v-cel, etc.) to think all pussy is pinnacle pussy for him. He finds erotic fulfillment in the belief that he is unworthy of either the mental or the physical pleasure pussy provides to superior men.
Since Mike developed a porn addiction due to constantly being rejected by females, his female therapist suggested he stop bothering females in real life, stop looking at nude females online, and declare himself pussyfree for life.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 11, 2021
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A male who's so sexually attractive that his presence saturates a typical heterosexual woman's vulva and labia with vaginal fluid in anticipation of copulation.
Becky: Look, here comes James. I'm getting wet.

Veronica: He's like so hot he makes my panties soaking wet and stuff.

Mandy: I'm leaking a little too. He's a pussy hydrant alright.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 22, 2021
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