A rigid (or semi-rigid) enclosed tube that slides over the penis, interlocking with a rigid ring that slides over both the penis and testicles. There is usually a hole at the tip for urine to pass through to allow for long term wear. Once locked in place, the tube prevents the wearer from obtaining an erection or receiving traditional male genital stimulation.
Becky: It bothers me when my cuck husband Mike gets a boner. I'm never going to touch it so it's pointless.

Veronica: I know, like as if any girl would want to touch or see THAT. It's like tiny and stuff.

Mandy: Why don't you get a chastity tube for him?

Veronica: Like, what's that and stuff?

Mandy: There's a ring that goes around his junk and a tube that covers

his little pee pee. When you connect them together, he can't get another useless stiffy.

Becky: That sounds perfect!
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 22, 2021
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