K.J is a nice loyal person who eyerone would like to get to know. That is very attractive and pleasing to others who is also good at sports and making others laugh.And who would ride or die for any friends.
K.J is my dawg.He lit
by TheShoot3rPage May 30, 2018
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K.J is a young teen, 15-16, who is on the computer right now reading this. If so then you are really dumb, only joking.
i see you though K.J AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
wow K.J is so gullabe.
by thelalala May 13, 2015
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K.J. Is a very common name, and K.J. has a very LARGE PENIS. He is very attractive and most girls love K.J. because he is very loyal. Most kj’s have a great PERSONALITY and very playful. Kj is a god at sports, and will kick your ass
Lewis : Hey, want to go sit with K.J.
Aaron : Yes, but he is around way to many females.
Lewis : We can ask him to play basketball with us.
by K.J. Is cool April 28, 2022
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A Karaoke Jockey; an inevitable phenomenon quickly turning itself into both hobby and vocation in bars across the world.
Man! Ever since Karen Sue became the new K.J. I love singing "I walk the line" she really knows how to make me sound like Johnny Cash!
by CRAssboy November 4, 2009
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You are so incredibly bored.
Go back to work.
If you are trying to find a new definition using the keyboard, read this story of how broke my wrist from finding definitions.

It was a long summer weekend in 2020 (BAD YEAR) i was on Urban Dictionary trying to find some definitions, i fell off i chair and it fell onto my wrist and it broke. The End.
Player 1: qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm
Player 2 has entered the game
Player 2: =\-09p8o7i6u5y4t3r2e1'w;ql/k.j,hmgnfbdvscaxz
Player 1: You Win
by Gamerminecraft2000 April 5, 2022
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