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It means "same" or that you are agreeing with someone.
Leo: "I liked the game last night."
Anthony: "Word for word, dude. Word for word..."
by XaioPuppy February 20, 2018
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Used when talking to your friend about copying homework.
You better not be doing Word for Word or we going to get caught
by aaaaaddddddddd February 15, 2018
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When a rapper, poet, Rapper-Poet, or human beatbox with turrets attempts to rhyme a word or phrase, wheather be it original or common to everyone, with the exact same word or phrase. This can either be a sign of a comedic mind, a sign of little to no tallent for rapping, or a sign of a skitzophrenic conniption.
Rhyming word with WORD

it makes the hoes angry

like a hangnail or something

I dunno what makes the hoes angry
by splunger February 20, 2011
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It when a word is divided by two, and have the word fucking in the middle. For example Urbandictionary, giving: Urban fucking dictionary.

It's used when your exited, angry, sad, can be used in a lot of situations.
Word fucking word, example:
It's the Xbox fucking 360!
Old fucking man, get out!
It's on the Play fucking station, what the hell do you think, Game fucking Cube? Get out!
Fight fucking club is a great movie.

by Linkzie November 8, 2006
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What people write on Urbandictionary when they don't know how to link to another UD word.
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
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1. making a promise to someone
2. stating that you mean what you say with all honesty.
3. agreeing
4. really? for real?
5. When someone uses a word that you use alot.
1. Baby I'm uh take you out tommorrow and that's my word.
2. I love you and care you and that's my word.
3.Dude1: Yo that chic is one bugga-lug, you feel me ?

Dude2: word.

4. Dude: Girl I wanna marry you
Girl: Word?
5. Dude1: yo that was a killa movie
Dude2: killa..... yo dats my word
by Casandra December 9, 2004
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