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British English slang for a mature woman's breasts or lady lumps.

From Charlotte Elouise "Charlie" Dimmock, female gardener on a British TV show called "Ground Force", famous for not wearing a bra under her T-shirt. Not a good look, but inexplicably popular with older British males who possibly hadn't had any since VE Day or something.

"Ground Force" was made between 1997 and 2005 for the BBC by Endemol (the same company that made "Big Brother", the bastards) and consisted of a team of so-called 'celebrity' gardeners sneaking round someone's house while they were out and remodelling their garden for them, like possibly the world's most confused ninjas or something. No, seriously, I'm NOT making this shit up! Meanwhile Charlie's "Dimmocks" wobbled about alarmingly.
Shallow Man, possibly from Essex: "Cor. look at the dimmocks on her!"

Alan Titchmarsh: "I am to blame for the decking boom, and I am sorry, I know it's everywhere these days. I'm such a total dimmock."
by Shakespeare's Plumber February 18, 2010
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A witless, stupid person. From 'you charlie', with added ground force
You girt dozy dimmock
by mongoose January 17, 2003
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a very conceited person who thinks they are extremely hilarious.
"Dude, you are suck a dimmock. You're not funny!"
by Quinn Brettler June 24, 2004
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Dimmocks: 'dim-mucks' n.

1. Slack-breasts usually sported by older women with ginger hair who want to be 'free and easy' i.e. they don't feel the need to wear a bra or a garment that will at least keep their 'chest mumps' above navel level.

2. People who quote 'Monty Python' sketches word for word... usually students who were born many years after the damned thing originally aired.

3. Plural term applied to anyone who watches 'Big Brother'.
"Good God woman... we don't want to see yer dimmocks - go and put a cardigan on or summat - yer making me granddad heave!"
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
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