Olden day word for a little girls pussy. Was once also slang word for money in ye olde england.
Fanny wiped her tuppence with a dish rag. Tally Ho.
by timmy o'toole August 9, 2003
A Polite way of naming a Womans or Girls privates.

Term comes from the the first Femaile public toilets.
on the 11th February at 51 Bedford Street, Strand, London. These ‘Public Waiting Rooms’ contained water closets in wooden surrounds.

The charge was 2 pence entrance fee. and whilst still a semi taboo subject the term Tuppence was coined.
Make sure you wash your "tuppence" whilst you are in the bath.

If anyone tries to touch your" tuppence" scream and run home as fast as you can.
by TheCow65 October 20, 2011
Another use of 'tuppence' -- in olden days the London pay toilets cost one penny... so if you had to go #1 you needed to 'spend a penny'...

-- so if you had to go #2, you needed to 'spend tuppence'.

I'm serious. That was my mother's polite euphemism for it and as a child I thought that was the real word for it.
by shadowycat December 17, 2008
‘Aw, sorry for the mess tuppence. I’ll clean it up in a minute.’

‘Alright tuppence, how are you doing?’
by Rynnis October 28, 2020
a form of money meaning 2 pennys
i have 2 tuppence
by bitchyballon69 May 30, 2022