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Anti-bush means you are against the over growth of pubic hair in your nether region. A prefence for short or no pubic hair.
Because I am "anti-bush" I shave a minimum of 2 times per week to maintain my well kept genital garden.
by Naomi February 3, 2005
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A wet fart or suprise diarrhea. Will most definately need a fresh pair of undies afterwards.
Eric had a squirtle when he was doing jumping jacks yesterday. Luckily it didn't make it down his leg.
by Naomi February 3, 2005
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n. caused by naomi costa gag; not to be confused with minted like banans
my milkshake gave him a melted banana
by Naomi March 25, 2005
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little selfish green man who has l;ots of pots of gold
by Naomi February 8, 2005
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a really funky lil dude , into good bands such as linkin park , nirvana etc.. likes hugging tree's lying in the middle of roads , being made to wave at cars by sertan naomi's , buddhist with an open mind * CHAMP OF K4 AT 14 * verry clever funky dude!
bonjour , monsier christophe ;)
by Naomi March 4, 2004
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A truely spiffing band. Sadly, people only seem to take notice of the sexy lead singer, and not the other two sexy members! They are friends with David Bowie, which makes them even cooler. Look out for the bassist's dance moves, they rule.
Oh my, when I saw Placebo live I was about two feet away from Stefan's hips *drools*
by Naomi June 27, 2004
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imma(imm-a) is the second conciousness power,the power the power of the mind to grasp, develop and integrate an idea.It is the inner spiritual power to hear, meditate upon and contemplate a truth untill it becomes fully internalized in one's conciousness.
Naomi had been so concentrated on her IMMA's that she could hear, touch and see these inner freinds thruogh the barrier of their different dimentions.
by Naomi October 24, 2003
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