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A truely spiffing band. Sadly, people only seem to take notice of the sexy lead singer, and not the other two sexy members! They are friends with David Bowie, which makes them even cooler. Look out for the bassist's dance moves, they rule.
Oh my, when I saw Placebo live I was about two feet away from Stefan's hips *drools*
by Naomi June 27, 2004

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Anti-bush means you are against the over growth of pubic hair in your nether region. A prefence for short or no pubic hair.
Because I am "anti-bush" I shave a minimum of 2 times per week to maintain my well kept genital garden.
by Naomi February 03, 2005

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Used in the Libertines song "What A Waster", this phrase means "Cheap Whore"
Mind your bleedin' own, you two bob cunt.
by Naomi September 02, 2004

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Kurt Vonnegut, best-selling author of the book Slaughterhouse-Five and other memorables like Slapstick. Writes about death and war.
"I want to time travel like Billy Pilgrim in Vonnegut's novel."

"Shit man, you're a freak."
by Naomi July 04, 2006

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a description of something that is gooey and drippy.

a word invented by my kids
there is wallpaper glue on the floor, you step in it, it is goopy.
by naomi January 03, 2004

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Comes from the first episode of sex & the city.

A combination of the expressions "absolutely" and "fuck yeah" (absofuckinglutely) that means a very firmative yes
Carrie asks Mr. Big if he's ever been in love and he says "absofuckinglutely."

Big often used this term.
by Naomi December 25, 2004

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As Justin and Dan Hawkins put it, "All music comes from the darkness, whether its fighting it or feeding off it."

Also one of my favourite bands in the world next to Razorlight and The Strokes.

Also, strangely enough and for a reason I cannot understand either, I love Justin!!! He's awsome, great vocals, exellent spandex cat suits and Les Pauls guitar. Justin also donated his suit from "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" video to raise money for the tsunami.

I think the Darkness is really growing on me!
(love is only a feeling, etc.)
by Naomi February 28, 2005

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