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Yo girl who posted before me, I race too, and i'm a girl, and your completly right it aint about the hot guys (though they are a plus) That girl who first posted -3 points for being an ignorant motoho and -43583282 for saying gnarly
YAY! for chicks who are pimp enough to ride, MX guys dig chicks who they can ride with and against
by Nana January 24, 2004

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A phrase used when there is a high degree of disagreement. Usually used in response to a rediculous or crazy question.
"Yo man, are you gonna give up the car tonite?"

"Nah man nah dawg, you crazy"
by Nana March 14, 2004

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The sweetest, most beautiful little girl in the world!
I love you punky!
by Nana October 30, 2003

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n,a philosphy based on the writings of 21st century poet/artist Viggo Peter Mortensen JR .ie... acult of sexual aberration whose adherents were mainly from a WWW site Viggofanbase.com
Aunt Sissy , is studing the principles of Viggoism.
by Nana February 19, 2005

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when someone leaves unexpectedly, esp in the middle of somethin important, or takes off, bounce, dip
"Where is Ernie"
"Yo man he pulled a sweet dip"
by Nana April 25, 2005

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other word for 'stoned', when u smoke weed u get 'high'
--> your start seein' everything differently and u have the feeling you're dreaming!! You laugh with a lot of thingz and your mind is somewhere else.
- I'm high as a mothafucka !!
- That nigga is alwayz high man!
- I'm high 99% of ma life !
by NaNa April 20, 2004

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The coffee on the table
"It's a freshin!"
by Nana January 24, 2004

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