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Freaking out, paranoia. Often drug related.
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She was sketching so bad,
imagining cops behind every corner,
that she wound up in the psychiatric ward.
by Jeff_Relf September 06, 2005
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the feeling one experiences while coming down from a high brought on by smoking pot or ingesting marijuana-laced confectionary delights
An hour after smoking a bowl, Steve began sketching.

We made special red velevet cake, and 8 hours after eating it, we had hardly begun to sketch.
by harroharro June 17, 2009
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to grab the back end of a car bike or bus while on a skateboard.
yo Blinky is about to sketch the fuck out of that bus

i just sketched all the way from oakland to berkeley

i was sketching and i almost grabed a cop car
by doglord August 13, 2010
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The term for being 'high' on a hallucinogen (Usually Ecstasy)
"Amanda was sketching so bad she drank an entire carton on orange juice"
by Nadia July 09, 2004
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It's the feeeling you felt, a second after you felt you did something wrong and not knowing what going on..
"hey man, whatch'a shetching for!"
by mvet November 07, 2003
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Person 1- we finna smoke these blunts out front.
Person 2-foreal cuz? That’s sketchy. What if the po-po pull up or get called?
Person 1-chill bro. Don’t be sketching out or feel weird. I smoke out here all the time.
by GeekedUp420 June 28, 2018
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