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dont you sad people see that you shouldnt be a greebo or townie or whatever you should be whatever suits you wether it's seventies or goth but what is really pissing me of are those pople who put things like "greebos are people townies hate because they are cooler and better than them." Thats just pathtic because to me townies are better they are classy to me but I have plenty of mates wich are greebos and it just sounds as though you wont like sombody because they are wearing over priced nike trainers or a punk rock band you have never heard of on their sweater so i'm going to actually say what a greebo is without being any of those things.

A greebo (greb) is somebody who tends to wear clothing that is comfortable for them and is streotyped to enjoy listening to punk/metal/drum and bass when really they could like a veriaty including garage etc.
There were loads f townies and greebos hanging in the town
by nadia March 20, 2004

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microsoft capitalist piece of junk software
this mo fo software is junk ass it crashes 24/7
by Nadia February 03, 2005

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Incredibly hot actor and singer. He will come to NY someday and me and my friends are booking him for the night.
Drake Bell is mine...hes really hot. LUV YA!!
by Nadia June 08, 2004

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