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The Velvet Snake is essentially just a term for a penis which has recently had a lubricant applied to it, and is now soft.

It results in a penis that looks like a smooth "velvety" snake.
Myself: Woah, that sex was amazing, I've gone soft now.
Brenda: You have, lovely little Velvet Snake you've got there *winks*
Myself (offended): LITTLE?!?
by MudderFukcer January 19, 2022
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Similar to a Golden Shower, however whilst giving them the shower, you proceed to shout Gordon Ramsay's insults at them whist you shower them.
Gary - "You like that you fucking donkey?"
Michelle - "Yes chef! I love your Gordon Showers"
Gary - "You idiot sandwich"
by MudderFukcer March 24, 2021
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Jenna: OMG I'm close!
Brad: Close to what?
Jenna: The Grand Finale! Don't stop!
by MudderFukcer June 4, 2020
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Dave: Jennifer's got the rack of a goddess
John: Looking at that pair I don't doubt it. That's a huge pair of knockers
by MudderFukcer January 5, 2020
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The defenition of child abuse.
If you were called this at birth, consider a name change.
Mother: I'll call him Bernard.
Doctor: That's child abuse you horrible cunt.
by MudderFukcer June 4, 2020
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Winston:Yo dawg you hear what happened last night?
Shak:Nah man what?
Winston:I heard Dan be screwing yo girl.
Shak:Fuck. That nigga dead.
by MudderFukcer April 13, 2019
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When a woman gives oral sex to a man, resulting in him ejaculating into her mouth, she then holds it, spits it back into the man's mouth. He then proceeds to give oral sex to the woman pushing his spunk deep into her pussy with his tongue.

Later on, she is pregnant without P to V contact and thus resulting in an oral pregnancy.
Gary: Hey I hope that Oral Pregnancy technique worked!
Harriet: Me too. We've been trying to get me pregnant for ages now, but your cock is too short.
Gary: Bit mean, but it's true.
by MudderFukcer September 10, 2020
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