its a sexuality where we homies but it aint gay cause we’re just homies
person1: ay bruh u kiss yo homies gn?
person2: naw thats gay af
person1: nah its js homiesexual ! 👅
by braayy March 2, 2019
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when you act 100% gay with your friends but you’re actually straight
tyler: can i tickle your balls real quick?
jackson: no that’s gross!
tyler: don’t worry, it’s homiesexual
by melody money June 24, 2022
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Homiesexual, a word derived from homosexual. But its gayness with and for the homies. Because this gayness is conducted around and in the homies. It is not gay nor will it ever be. Since your homie, is always a homie and only a homie. You and them cannot be accountable for any actions that may sound gay.
Friend: "Did you jerk Kenny off last night??"
Me: "Yep, but its cool we homiesexual!"
Friend: "Oooh, did y'all say no homo?"
Me: "No need, we wore socks"
by Mr. Casey February 20, 2021
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a love or passion towards your homies but without being gay
person 1: oh look at those homies kiss

person 2: they are homiesexual
by void gender April 24, 2020
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Devin: Yo, you kinda thicc tho no cap daddy
Zachary: Thanks papi, you tryna clap?
Other Kid: Oh yeaa, that’s a thicc homiesexual
by LegendsWRLD March 10, 2020
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When boys act gay around other boy friends (homies).
We arent gay, we’re just homiesexual
by olives?!? January 16, 2021
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sexuality for the homies. not gay. just the love for the homies
friend 1:bro that’s gay

friend 2: nah bro i’m just a homiesexual
by user1737284728473 March 18, 2020
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