7 definitions by Mr.ivan

A lyrics from the song "hard on" sus version of stay calm and also something you can say to you're buddy when you see a guy with a very large penis
Friend:Yo bro look at that guy through his pants I see his balls!

Me:Well then stop looking at his genitalia!
by Mr.ivan February 24, 2022
When you put an apple in your foreskin...obviously
Person 1:Hey wanna see a foreskin apple

Person 2:oh yea sure I guess
by Mr.ivan February 22, 2022
When you're tryna be funny with you're friends on roblox
by Mr.ivan February 24, 2022
I saw the name of a Spotify Playlist that was this and I really don't recommend looking it up unless you wanna see a woman's boobs..
Hey bro look up B.R.U.H on Spotify if you wanna see something cool
by Mr.ivan February 22, 2022
You must have spelt amongus wrong Sorry bud
Hey bro look at anongus

You mean amongus?
by Mr.ivan February 24, 2022
You may not know him but I do Razzle_Dazlle053 is Joey Daltons Gamertag from the mw2 days
Yo bro look it's Razzle_Dazzle053

You mean Joey Dalton?
by Mr.ivan February 28, 2022
My account dummy also probably what a Russian slave calls they're master named ivan

Slave:yes master
by Mr.ivan February 24, 2022