Someone who is willingly owned as property by a master or mistress. Slaves have a very deep need to please and serve a Dominant person, and doing so is the only way they can feel truly happy and complete. Not to be confused with a bottom or submissive.
Ignorant people often think owning a slave like me by mutual consent is abusive, not understanding that we want and need this.
by Slave Vivi March 1, 2010
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Derives from the Latin word for "Slavic". The Slavics are Europeans who were enslaved throughout history by the Greeks and Romans (who sold them to Arabs and Africans in North Africa and Spain), the Vikings, and even the Germans and Russians (in more recent times). So although ignorant people will use the term "slave" to disparage people of African descent, the term is actually more associated with Europeans.
"I never knew that the Slavics were slaves to the Greeks and Romans centuries ago until I did some research on it".
by IBTAL November 25, 2019
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1. S&M term to describe the submissive or submissives.

2. Human property.

3. Setting on a secondary hard disk drive, CD-Rom, etc.
1. You know the punishment for trying escape from your cage! On you knees slave, this is going to hurt.

2. Shaniqua thinks she's entitled to extra welfare because her great great great graddaddy was a slave.

3. I set the jumper on the back of the drive to slave and hooked it up on the IDE cable, but Windows still will not recognize it.
by Jon Doe September 2, 2003
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As kenny ackerman once said everyones a slave to something. Thats true cause your gonna be a slave in my basement soon
Lol no you fucking dont slave
by Lord chadington the 3rd January 1, 2021
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A masters property who acts for the master helping them around the place
Josh: "Slave, clean up this mess!!"
Damian: "Yes master"
by August 23, 2017
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Giving of oneself willfully, openly and completely to another. In a BDSM relationship this is done with trust and honesty between to consenting parties. A slave is also called a bottom in the BSDM world.
He is my Master and I am his Slave, we have entered into this relationship of our own free-will.
by Littleone October 20, 2003
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1) A person who willing gives them self to a master in a S&M or situation. This person is now controlled by the other or the master.

2) A submissive

1) Isabella gave her self to Tom as his slave her new master and promised to do what ever he said.

2) I am such a submissive I do what ever he tells me too.
by Lizzy Phillips March 10, 2008
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