Crazy, Extreme, Mad, Fantastic, Bizzare
That's some crazy ass shit yo!

That was a crazy ass move bud!
by djang0 February 20, 2009
A girl that sends her boyfriend nudie pictures all the time because she's crazy but loves him and wants to make up for it.
I love your crazy ass
by crazyasseseverywere January 18, 2018
A female who is crazy and bitchy at the same time.
I arrived home late at night and my wife began to throw objects at me and scream in my face, So I then called her a Crazy Ass Bitch and left.
by 386obc May 21, 2008
a person that plays guitar extremly fast extremly well.
they use many neo classical sound scales like difrent types of major and minor.
They also use many sweep picking techniques
Lorenzo and Dalton are both crazy ass shredders, but Dalton is better.
by superfuckingduperinfixbisnatch November 5, 2006
When you try to have a casual conversation with a woman, and she threatens to phone the cops on you for harassment.
"I tried talking to Birgit about helping her daughter and that crazy ass bitch phoned the cops on me with her cell phone at the community center."
by ThisIsMe01xoxo June 6, 2012
A cracka that is crazy. Perhaps the cracka has led a sheltered life or watched too many episodes of Friends and finally cracked.
by anonnynon April 27, 2006
A complete and total weirdo, a C.A.D., a McKenna, or a Jessica. Crazy ass dicks are very common around town, everone wants to be one, but watch out, there are many wannabe crazy ass dicks!
"Wow did you see that hobo?! He was a fuckin crazy ass dick!"
"Dude, you don't have to be a crazy ass dick about it..."
by Jessica Callery May 20, 2008