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A smiley depicting sheepishness or belittled astonishment (hence the small eyes).
<gnuwtey> I just got invited to a private viewing of Transfomers 2!
<dernston> ._.
by Mr. Briggs July 21, 2009

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A misspelling of the word "Pokémon" that is common among older North American adults that did not grow up with video games, anime, and Japanese electronics.

Also a meme popularized by a picture of one cat holding a Game Boy Advance with a game slotted in, and telling another cat to "let me show you my pokemans".
<gnuwtey> Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, GETTO daze!
<nimda21> Hey, is that the new Pokeman game that came out?
<gnuwtey> It's "Pokemon", you know.
<nimda21> Hmm.
<gnuwtey> What's your ASL, anyway?
<nimda21> 47/m/Ohio. Why? What's yours?
<gnuwtey> *creeped out*
by Mr. Briggs November 30, 2009

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A very common misspelling of "forty".
<resu1> Ooh, an online chat room. Can I join?
<nimda> Uhh... sure.
<resu1> You know, I just played fourty straight hours of Warcraft last night.
<nimda> What'd you say?
<resu1> I haven't slept for fourty hours because of that Warcraft session.
<nimda> Fourty...?
<resu1> Fourty, yeah.
<nimda> You mean forty.
<resu1> Yeah, fourty.
<nimda> Forty.
<resu1> Fourty.
<nimda> FORTY.
<resu1> Fourty.
<nimda> You're saying it weird, why are you putting so much emphasis on the "u"?
<resu1> What're you talking about? I'm just saying it. Fourty. There are fourty days in Lent. Four times ten is fourty.
<nimda> Say "four".
<resu1> Four.
<nimda> Now say "forty".
<resu1> Fourty.
<nimda> Forty.
<resu1> Fourty.
<nimda> FORTY.
<resu1> Fourty.
<nimda> You're eating hair!
<resu1> *pfft*
<gnuwtey> ...
<dernston> Yeah, really badly done "Stewie and Brian" parody sketch there.
by Mr. Briggs September 14, 2009

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A reference name for anything starting with the letter "G". Often used for "government" or a person's name, such as "Gerry".
<dernston> Hey, big G, how's it going?
<gnuwtey> Pretty good, I'd say.
by Mr. Briggs January 24, 2010

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On Newgrounds - to rate a flash or audio piece 0/5 for the sole purpose of bringing down the rating of that piece of work, for the sole purpose of annoying the author.

Elsewhere - to rate a piece of work the lowest possible grade for the same purpose. (Also called 1-bomb where the lowest rating is 1, but not commonly used outside of Newgrounds.)

Considered a form of spam.
<gnuwtey> Aw man, my flash's rating went from 4.04 to 2.85 with only 6 votes. Stupid zero-bombers.
<dernston> I agree, those zero-bombers really are annoying.
by Mr. Briggs October 16, 2009

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1. A person on unemployment insurance, or pogey.

2. A Pokémon.
1. <nimda345> I got laid off today, so now I'm a pogeyman.

2. <nimda345> On the bright side, look at all the pogeymans I caught today on Platinum!
by Mr. Briggs June 13, 2010

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Strangely common misspelling of amateur.
<nimda> Wow, that round of Counter Strike was a huge fail for you, gnuwtey...
<gnuwtey> But you can't blame me, I'm only an ammature.
<nimda> It's amateur, dimwit.
<gnuwtey> In other words, a noob.
<nimda> Well, at least you got that one right.
by Mr. Briggs May 15, 2010

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