8 definitions by Morris Levy

(Adverb)- 1. A scam that is so corrupt, that it is interesting for the reader to find news on and read about whenever more information is found. 2. When one receives something unwanted through the USPS, UPS, e-mail, or other means that you paid for by accident.
E.g. #1
Employee 1: "Did you read about that huge 300+ page AT&T bill for the iPhone users? Can you believe that? 300 pages".
Employee 2: "Yeah, I did. Totally scamalicious".

E.g. #2
Person 1: "I want a free XBOX360 too!"
Person 2: "No way man, don't do it. It's too scamalicious".
by Morris Levy August 23, 2007
(Adverb)- 1. A certain quality possessed by an advertisement or an e-mail sent from a spammer or a large corporation which one loathes and wants to kill the sender because of. 2. An advertisement or an e-mail which forces the reader to laugh because of the absurdity of the ad.
E.g. #1
"Look at that billboard! I've seen that same ad like 30 times, and its no different. That's pretty spamalicious if you ask me..."

E.g. #2
"Holy cow, I got an spam e-mail for a free lawnmower and a free paraplegic wheelchair! How spamalicious is that!
by Morris Levy August 23, 2007
(Pronounced Wee-tard)

The characteristic of a person who cannot operate a Nintendo Wii or its controllers.
P1: "I think that the controls will be too complicated for the average gamer."
P2: "Dude, you're a Wiitard."
by Morris Levy May 12, 2006
The state of a government wherein there is lunacy rampant, and nothing can be done to stop this except to wait until the current president or ruler in office leaves. It is a state of semi-anarchy where one idiot chooses to make decisions against the common thought of the country.
"The “clownocracy” of Bush and Rove is criminal and even evil in its attempts to steal past and future elections, according to Palast, and can only be stopped if 'Democrats…find their souls and find their balls.'"
by Morris Levy May 25, 2007
1. (N.) The post of a a written expression of "happy birthday" through digital means.
2. (V.) To wish another a "happy birthday" on any networking site (i.e. MySpace or Facebook wall).
E.g. 1:
Mo: "Its gonna be Patti's b-day in 20 minutes. I already webbday'ed her"
Sarah: "Nice".

E.g. 2:
"Sweet webbday you posted on my facebook wall! Thanks mang!
by Morris Levy July 30, 2006
This is the word that Peter Griffin uses in the popular TV cartoon, 'Family Guy' in the episode of the nudists and Stewie and Olivia acting. The word is defined to be a demoralizing word towards nudists.
"Hey there you j-bird! Having fun walking around with your junk dangling?"
by Morris Levy May 18, 2006
(Noun); Fake Crocs (TM)
A. "Dude, nice Crocs you got there!"
B. "No, man, they're only Frocs..."
A. "Sorry to hear you're poor."
by Morris Levy June 23, 2006