(n) Someone who causes damage or injury to them self, other people, or objects by incorrectly operating the controller of a Nintendo Wii. This included forgetting or underestimating one's surroundings while using wide gestures, over exertion, or the inability to keep a firm grasp on the remote and launching it at high speeds.
Billy is such a Wiitard, he pulled a muscle while pitching wildly in WiiSports.

Mandy forgot her family was in the room, acted like a Wiitard and hit her brother in the face.

That Wiitard Tommy let go of his Wii remote while flailing wildly and put it through his TV.
by DVman December 11, 2006
One who is inept at using the Wii Console
John is such a Wiitard, he thinks the sensor inside the TV
by Sebastiancee June 20, 2007
Somebody who isn't proficient at playing Nintendo Wii games.
I beat Sally in straight sets on Wii Tennis last night. Man, she's a real Wiitard!
by Writemix April 9, 2010
Someone who can't stop playing their Wii to actually talk to you for once.
Me: Hey, man.
Billy: ...
Me: Dude.
Billy: ...
Me: ...
Me: You're a wiitard.
by schwagames March 8, 2008
some one who whilst playing a nintendo wii looks like there having spasms,
"man that Wiitard can sure bust some moves on mario"
"dont use the nunchuck controller, youll look like a real Wiitard"
by Blackmath1 December 5, 2006
Someone who is inept with the usage of the Nintendo Wii and its various attachments.
Dude, this game is easy, you Goddamned Wiitard.
A hardcore Nintendo fanboy who will not accept that the Wii is an inferior gaming system.
Weston: I've been looking for 45 minutes but I can't seem to find a good Wii game...

Game Store Employee: You Wiitard, go buy a PS3. Wii games are for 12 year old girls!
by SPT Leary March 26, 2010