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An opportunity for product placement in a mass media production.
Corporate sponsors of TV shows force their products into the show all the time, exploiting every possible advertunity.
by Moggraider August 01, 2009
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A condition in which an otherwise handsome young actor grows up to resemble a potato. While women can suffer from ABS, it's largely the domain of men.
Other examples of actors who suffered from Alec Baldwin Syndrome include Orson Welles and Marlon Brando
by Moggraider December 08, 2009
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being saved from disgrace, humiliation, or other shameful circumstances that would lead to resignation by having a number of celebrity deaths divert media attention away from oneself
Governor Mark Sanford would've had to resign over all those hiking trips if it wasn't for Michael Jackson dying. What a celebrity deathsave.
by Moggraider July 07, 2009
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Screwing over a consumer by forcing him or her to purchase a large amount of games and/or accessories at the launch of a new console. Usable as a noun or verb.
"Gamestop's XBOX360 Ultimate Bundle costs $1200 but doesn't even include a second controller! What a bundlefuck!"

"Electronics Boutique really bundlefucked me when I bought a PSP - I only wanted Lumines but they also forced me to buy crap games."
by Moggraider August 25, 2005
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An exclamation formed by combining "ack" and "pth;" used to express surprise, alarm, disgust, or disgusted alarmed surprise; a scream conjoined with a sputter
1. Ackpth! I'm a dumbass. I forgot my homework.
2. Ackpth! My Xbox 360 stopped working!
3. Ackpth! My phone's gone missing.
by Moggraider July 19, 2009
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Similar to facebook activism, the belief that no-commitment activities will result in meaningful social change. This meme results from the belief that awareness is all that is necessary to improve society, rather than actually donating money or time.
Real examples of avatar activism:

I changed my Twitter avatar to green to support Iranis!

I blacked out my avatar to support awareness of Australia's Black Saturday!
by Moggraider June 25, 2009
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