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A girl who has large breast, a big butt, but is short as hell, mainly found in New Jersey
Ugh, that girl looks like a god damn meatball
by Mocoholi December 22, 2010

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1) If thou receives a text that has been replied from a text that he or she sent an hour or more ago, thou is not obligated to reply.
2)Thou shalt not text asking a friend for someone else's number.
3) If you send a text, and the receiver does not reply after a long period of time, thou is not supposed to send another text.
4)Thou shalt not use text to talk unholy smack to another human being over the phone, only to act like it never happened the next day
5)If thou receives a long text from a friend or associate thou is not supposed to reply with just a "Lol","K" or "Oh"
6)If thou receives a text from the wrong number, thou should not be rude about the sender using the wrong number, but politely tell them they have the wrong number
7)If the sender insist that they have the right number, thou will receive the right to tell them off rudely.
8)If thou receives a text from an ex's friend saying that they're going to kick your ass, thou must stand firm against the offender and challenge him/her to a duel.
9)If thou is in a textual argument with another, thou will not make a friend/family member text/call the opponent because thou is to much of a pussy.
10)Thou shalt NEVER break up with and or get together with another human being over the phone.
Richard's life was in ruin because he did not follow the Text Commandments
by Mocoholi October 16, 2010

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Someone that has the ability to remember exactly how a porn video went so that they can think about it in the future without the use of a computer.
Bob:So my computer crashed down but thanks to my pornagraphic memory i was able to just go in the bathroom and whack off with my imagination.
by Mocoholi August 14, 2010

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When someone meets a girl so hot/awesome they feel obligated to go write a definition about her on the Urban Dictionary. Of course if the girl knew this she'd probably get a restraining order.
Jack:Hey what's Bob up to?

Bill:Oh,hes writing a definition about that girl Laura he met yesterday, creepy right?

Jack:The poor bastards been Urban Bitch Whipped
by Mocoholi September 21, 2010

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Someone who post urban dictionary definitions about someone that they loved because they've probably been pussy whipped.
Jack:Hey what are you doing?

Brad:Writing about how great Susie is on the urban dictionary.

Jack:Wow you're such an Urban Bitch
by Mocoholi September 21, 2010

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The act of taking out someones door knob while there asleep with the lights off, so that you can then place your dick inside the hole where the doorknob once stood. Once the dick is in the hole you then proceed to knock on the door, in result some poor unsuspecting soul(probably one of your friends) comes to open the door, therefor having him grab hold of your dick, so that you can brag about it the next day.
One night, a group of friends decided to play a prank on young Dylan, by unscrewing his doorknob and shoving their dick in the hole, and then knocking. Little did poor Dylan know that he was about to get knobbed, and that nothing but a dick awaiting the grip of his hand. The friends all had a good laugh, and little Dylan was scarred for life.
by Mocoholi September 01, 2010

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The action of not wanting to go to a store because you don't to run into someone from school,work,ect. Most of the time the person will use tactics like there not dressed good enough or they just want to go home.
Bob: I'm not going into Wal-Mart i dont wanna see someone i know from work,besides im not even properly dressed, i look ugly.

Bill: Jesus christ Bob who cares if your dressed in pajama's it's Wal-Mart for christ sake, stop store skipping like a bitch and get in there.
by Mocoholi August 14, 2010

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