The operational act of being one who acts like Bob. Comments are made; Sarcasm ensues.
Bob: I'm not feeling well today. What should I do?
Tom: Bob up, ole buddy. Cause you'll be damned if you don't.
Bob: Way to Bob up, Tom!
by The Well Wisher August 9, 2013
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To screw something up beyond belief that seems like a sure thing, with no real excuse.
Example 1: Bob was driving his truck in a 1 sq. mile field with one single tree in it, and still managed to hit said tree head on. Totally bob it up.

Example 2: Bob was playing pool and a ball was sitting in a pocket, and he managed to miss the shot, and put the cue ball in fore mentioned pocket. What a way to bob it up.
by Killer-spades February 16, 2012
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Painting in general; following a bob Ross tutorial that will probably end up looking like a cat threw up
We are bob rossing it up in my room.
by Bob ross fan 101 March 31, 2019
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Manager, also the master of the writing up arts.
"You forgot to punch for your breaks? IM GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE YOU UP."
by Bob Tracy December 9, 2004
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When you're talking about doing one of the 5 L's but then you get caught;

"Yeah i was doing one of the L's but i bobbed it up and got caught didt aye"
"Ah fam that suks"
by bobbeditup November 29, 2017
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To raise the price of something anticipating or during especially high demand of an item.
"Zounds, ever since that last brawl with the police broke out here, seems Akim's has decided to bob up the jink for his wares, ain't he?"
by Zed Numar July 19, 2021
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