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It's this site. It's ruined by sick perverts and pedophiles that post ridiculous and absurd definitions that shouldn't be seen by young children. The UD community first looks like a community of sick perverts and pedophiles, and that wraps up Urban Dictionary.
I just laugh at this one little definition at Urban Dictionary as I type in a more mature definition of the word at the site.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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It's used in the anime Lucky Star. Oha-lucky just means Hiya Lucky! translated into English. It is used only by Akira Kogami, the fourteen-year-old diva. It is used only in the ending segment, Lucky Channel.
Oha-lucky is my favorite quotation from Akira Kogami.
by MisaTange July 08, 2009
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The finger is often nicknamed the middle finger or pulling the bridge. Raising the middle finger, the longest one, is a physical gesture saying, 'Fuck you!' or 'Fuck off!' or anything along those lines. AVGN does that out of frustration and anger, as his name implies.
Person 1: *raises the finger at Person 2*

Person 2: What the hell did you do that for?!

Person 1: I didn't know! I swear!

Person 2: *sigh* Whatever. *whispers to self* Liar.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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Email is another way of communicating in the Internet. It stands for electronic mail, and that's correct, it's like mail, but in the computer! Sometimes you get spam, in forums you get updates from them. You can write messages to each other in email.

Email is kinda like forums, except there is nobody to use the ban hammer on you or your friend, but you have to wait and there's nobody stopping you from posting porn, sending viruses, and posting spam.
Email is usually the best way of contacting somebody, since you do not pay to send an email or get an email, except for electricity bills.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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A unique article-making web site where it has anything. You can make articles, anyone can make articles, talk about the articles you, your friend, or a total stranger, has posted. The disadvantage of anyone can edit/make articles is that anyone can post anything that isn't true. However, Wiki's, or how it's abbreviated, users can report an article to a moderator and they will restore the text ASAP or close to the text. Wikipedia is often not trusted on by schools because of that simple disadvantage.
Wikipedia is an awesome web site, despite the fact that's it's user-powered.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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Sometimes called Homo123 by haters, he is the first administrator who started the Internet forum New Age Ads. He started it around August 2008. Because of many crackings by the same people over and over (Brandon & Sam, not be confused by the Invisionfree/Zetaboards support team, the administrator spot was nearly always changed, from Zunder, to MisaTange, to Zunder again. It's like an endless cycle.
Womo123 will be missed.
by MisaTange July 08, 2009
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Japanese slang for bipolar. A yandere character usually have a lot of mood swings. They have a nice side and an evil side, kinda like ying and yang, white and black... those kind of stuff. They quickly change from the nice side to the evil side, and repeat again and again. It is more often used in anime/manga. There is often another character, usually can be stiff as a board easily, who is normally the 'victim' of the yandere character's evil side.
Akira Kogami from the anime/manga Lucky Star is a great example of a yandere character.
by MisaTange July 08, 2009
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