Menlo Park is a city filled with trees, Mercedes and tech industry multillionaires. It is part of one of the wealthiest areas in the entire world, consisting of neighboring cities like Atherton, Woodside, Hillsborough, Palo Alto and others
Want to buy a house in Menlo Park? Don't bother calling a realtor unless you have at least a million to spend, and don't expect much with only that
by John179 August 2, 2008
A city to the immediate north of Stanford University and Palo Alto. The city is known for its upscale downtown and the strip along Sand Hill Road that is home to the largest concentration of Venture Capital firms in the world. The people who live in the town tend to have Graduate degrees and most of them can accurately be described as yuppies.
Standford Alumnus One: It is nice running into you, what is new in your life lately?

Standford Alumnus Two: Well, I just landed a job as an associate at an Investment Bank and purchased a home in Menlo Park.
by mplad July 23, 2006
the small city bordering redwood city that is known as the "hidden hood" is the hood of west menlo with the drug and murder rates low because of clever hiding the evidence....the slang here is similar to EPA and has one street that stretches about 7 blocks which is the most dangerous, Barey ave. is the most dangerous of all the streets in west menlo.
EX: WEST MENLO PARK "waysup my rogue i finna go up my bitches house u wanna roll with me homie"
EX: "Yo balla im gun king it wit my dawg from uptown tonite...u down"
EX': "AY homie these east rogues just rolled on my boi and stabbed hiim in the side homie,,,,take dem niggaz out due'"
EX: "rogue i be reppin tha west menlo boiii we ride fo the heat nigga"
by nikky g 650 October 15, 2009
the sensuos act of inserting the penis in between the a womans breast, then slapping the breasts to the sounds of lionel richie
Whitney:My tits are throbbing
Phillip:Yeah i gave you a Menlo Park Earthquake
by Dmoneykilla February 1, 2011
Biggest fucking pussy pussy you ever did fucking see. Like It’s stank hits like 18 wheels of steel matted down I5 like nobodies business into the donut shop if there was one... you see now that’s a Menlo Park Muff Pie

About the size of a city you forget exists
Austin: “You want a Menlo Park Muff Pie?”
Lucas: “What?”
Austin: ...
Lucas: “ You fucking drugga
by Bigger Fish 2 Fry December 9, 2020