A mixture of two words, 'Naruto' and 'Retard,' a Narutard is a huge anime fan of the anime/manga series Naruto. They love the characters truly, by cosplaying their characters with cheap clothing. Anyone could be a Narutard with ease, such as I.

Narutards usually didn't read the manga or watch the Japanese version of it. They usually fantasize about yaoi/yuri pairings that are unbelievable, like if this one guy kissed this other guy and married each other.

Also, if one is a Narutard, they are most likely to post definitions here on Urban Dictionary about their most loved characters and most hated characters.
Narutards usually are too crazy fans of the anime/manga Naruto. They do crazy things if they love the series.
by MisaTange July 6, 2009
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A person who obsesses over Naruto immensely. Who can quote almost every line, wear's their headband proudly, and want's to kill Viz for making Naruto say believe it.
Random Dude: "Believe it!"
Narutard: -kills random dude with kunai- "Bastard!"
by Uchiha-Chan April 2, 2006
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Someone who is utterly obsessed with with anime, Naruto.
Symptoms of narutardation are:
~walls covered in Naruto Posters
~Own 3 or more Naruto Plushie/dolls
~Enjoy cosplaying Naruto characters
~Find yourself randomly babbling on and on about Naruto scenes nobody else cares about
~Wearing your Ninja head protector/akatsuki cloak/ etc ALL THE TIME.
DN fangirl: Ughh, look. Its that Narutard again.
Bleach fangirl: omg, doesn't she EVAR wash that cloak?
Reborn fangirl: I dunno, but that sand village headband is just about to fall apart >.>
Narutard: HEY! did you guys see that new episode of Naruto? ugh, the english dub sucks, but i hate reading english subs. ANYWHO Naruto TOTALLY kicked Kiba's a$$ in the chuunin exams *continues*
by RainsDyingWill August 19, 2010
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The combonation of the the words "naruto" and "retard".

This word is used to insult those who are extreem fans of the Naruto series. Often, though, in the anime culture, people often get Narutard and Naruto Fan mixed up.

A Narutard is obsessed with everything Naruto, believing that Naruto is the best thing since Disigner Jeans. While a Naruto Fan realizes that there are better things than the series and wishes to discuss the series intelegently.
The Narutards give actual Naruto Fans a bad name because they have caused everybody to think that they are brain-dead monkies.

That Narutard got mad because I told them that Kishimoto owned the characters and they didn't own Sasuke.
by Gaara_BabyEater June 2, 2009
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Idiots who worship the anime Naruto like it's the best anime ever. Which it is not. They usually haven't seen any other anime enough to compare or they are just plain ignorant of other animes. They usually cosplay Naruto characters in conventions. They pretty much over-power their favorite characters.
They suffer from :
1) Saying Baka alot.
2) SOME fangirls squeel and die due to major yaoi substance in Naruto.
3) Over-power their characters.
4) Saying Chidoriiii and Resengaaannn alot.
5) Automatically loves Ramen and become obsess with Instant ramens.
6) Thinking they could do jutsus or throw paper shurikens.
Narutard1 : Holymotherfuckingshit Sage Naruto was liikkeee holymotherfuckingshit awesome!~!!11
Non-Narutard : ...No he can't.
Non-Narutard : ....I'm outa here.
by Once in a lifetime January 19, 2009
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A person that is so obsessed with naruto that it has actually become scary.
AGHH! Narutards!

by May . January 5, 2007
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An individual that thinks Naruto, an overrated and corny anime about kid ninjas, is the best thing ever created and worship it.

You often will see/hear them screech, "OH EM GEE, NARUTO IZ DA BEZT ANIMU EVARRR1!@1!!" Even though Naruto is the only one anime they've seen.

Most of them are either 10-year-old boys, 13-year-old girls or 40-year-old men living in their parents' basement.

They think Sasuke wants to be their boyfriend, when sadly for them, he's is actually in love with his older brother.

They have no idea how to spell, and grammar terrifies them.

They viciously defend Naruto and enjoy shipping 30-year-old men with little girls.

They draw like drunken 6-year-olds, but fully beleive they are the best artists ever.

They often rape the Japanese language. (wapanese)

The crazily attack people with paper ninja weapons and yell "(insert random word here) no Jutsu!!!!"

They write horrible, Mary-sue filled, fanfiction where their character is Sasuke's long lost sister, Kakashi's cousin, and Gaara's girlfriend.

Not all Naruto fan's are Narutards, but the vast majority is.
See also: weeaboo, nerd.

Narutard1: OmgZ!!2! hinata is so ttly kawaii desu ne@!!2!21
Narutard2: ttly, i no! she is so kute! i luv her hare. ino is ugly lol!1
Narutard1: i no! she is so stopid i hate her so much shes a fat baka.
by Alcoholic Politics November 21, 2008
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