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An extremely nice, beautiful, gentle, kind, pursuading girl who can be devious at some times.
Hey Lyn do you want to go to the mall? Sure I'd love to, but let me convince my parents first!
by lavender1445 November 22, 2010
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A really artistic, unique and awesome girl! Pretty, smart, sexy, evil, has an awesome possession.
Property!!! Property were are you??!!-Lyn
Here Master!!- Rey
Yay!!! Lets eat ice cream- Lyn
by psycobitch August 18, 2009
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Known as a derp, and does some interesting things. She is a great artist, loves music, and has many friends. Lyn can get pretty weird sometimes though, because she starts talking about murdering things, and gets mad very easily. Lyn also is NOT a fan of dirty jokes, but sometimes she can sneak them in a conversation or two. She also loves saying "Meep" randomly.
It's me-Lyn
I've been wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet-Lyn
Lyn. Stop.-Friend
To go over-Lyn
. . .-Lyn
by The Only Asshole June 25, 2017
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(Acronym): LYNS is an acronym that stands for Love You, No Sh*t. It is predominately used by males, particularly motorcycle enthusiasts and other more masculine social groups where emotion is often intensely felt, but seldom verbally expressed. LYNS allows the user to express love and respect in a casual, masculine context.
"Send the brothers mine, LYNS."
by The Old Tramp July 01, 2018
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The Lyn is the mathematical symbol for one divided by zero.

The Lyn is a mathematical symbol for one divided by zero. Much like what the imaginary number “i” does for the root of negative numbers, the Lyn allows mathematicians to write an answer more specific than “undefined” in division by zero problems, or divide by zero in intermediate steps to problems.
52/0 = 52(Lyn)
y/0 = y(Lyn)
0*(Lyn) = 1
by KingKBB September 30, 2011
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Lowyat forum (
I word widely used in Malaysia to recognize Malaysia largest IT forum
I saw a thread in LYN selling cheap processor.
by shunz May 29, 2011
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. Is talented and sweet and is a total softie.

Is an amazing artist and can sing like a god. Not to mention he’s very good looking, and has the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes, that make you melt just looking at them. He’s a super supportive friend and if you manage to get him as your friend, you’re so lucky. Never let him go
“I wish I had a guy like lyn, he’s such boyfriend material.”

Lyn is so sweet, I’m so glad he’s my friend.”
by Get money fuck bitches April 20, 2018
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