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A word created by Lanipator the Abridger, who has voice acted unprofessionally in many Abridged anime versions, it means you got pwned by Lanipator. It is often used as comeback to LittleKuriboh.
Lanipator: Oh yeah! Lanipwned!

LittleKuriboh: Dude, Lani... -_-
by MisaTange July 07, 2009
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1. A NBA team.
2. A famous book about the four Clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. StarClan (cats who did good deeds or did nothing wrong and died, usually from battle) guides all four Clans. ThunderClan cats are pretty balanced, RiverClan cats are able to swim faster than the other Clan cats, WindClan is extremely swift, and ShadowClan excel in stalking, making it good for prey. The book focuses on the politics and other crap that makes the world a horrible place of the Clan cats (bigotry, religious stuff...).
1. Warriors is a NBA team? I didn't know that.
2. Warriors is a book about the four Clan cats.
by MisaTange April 17, 2010
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A unique article-making web site where it has anything. You can make articles, anyone can make articles, talk about the articles you, your friend, or a total stranger, has posted. The disadvantage of anyone can edit/make articles is that anyone can post anything that isn't true. However, Wiki's, or how it's abbreviated, users can report an article to a moderator and they will restore the text ASAP or close to the text. Wikipedia is often not trusted on by schools because of that simple disadvantage.
Wikipedia is an awesome web site, despite the fact that's it's user-powered.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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Japanese slang for one who is not nice and gets pissed off easily on the outside, but deep in the inside, is nice, caring, and gentle at all costs to the main character. It is usually used in anime/manga. The tsundere character usually shows his/her tsundere-ness in the later episodes/volumes/chapters.
Kagami Hirragi from the anime/manga Lucky Star is a great example of tsundere.
by MisaTange July 08, 2009
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Twitter is a social networking site, where you can update your status or look/reply to someone else's status.
I update my Twitter because I'm bored.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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Often referring to yaoi manga, ukes are usually the bottom ones. Opposite of semes, ukes are usually cute, has less experience with sex, kind, those kinds of things.
Some people are fitting more as ukes.
by MisaTange August 17, 2009
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It's this site. It's ruined by sick perverts and pedophiles that post ridiculous and absurd definitions that shouldn't be seen by young children. The UD community first looks like a community of sick perverts and pedophiles, and that wraps up Urban Dictionary.
I just laugh at this one little definition at Urban Dictionary as I type in a more mature definition of the word at the site.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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