31 definitions by Mimi

its when someone turns crack cocaine into crack by rockin it up.
lets go rock'n'roll so we can make more dough off this ish.
by Mimi April 26, 2004
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noun. slang for vagina
adjective. of or relating to the vagina and anything pertaining to sexual activity.
He penetrated her pansa during sexual intercourse.
by Mimi March 01, 2005
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someone who lives across the street from oneself; parallel from house to house
My paraneighbor always bakes cookies, and I can smell them from across the street.
by Mimi August 29, 2004
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When a German tries to say 'pink poo'
Jodie killed Pinz Poo!
by Mimi November 03, 2004
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A cookie stick topped with different flavors (such as strawberry, chocolate, or vanillia). May or may not be better than a Nestle snack, but that doesn't matter, since anyone in their right minds should be boycotting Nestle anyway.

Pocky: A fun snack, and is only the primary source of food for anime fans at conventions, because that's the only thing the vendors sell besides Ramune.
Jasmine, Mandii, and Maurice did the wiggle for some free pocky at A-kon.
by Mimi December 03, 2003
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There's a seapig lying by the pier, checking out all the surfers.
by Mimi September 21, 2003
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