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The best band in the whole enitre world, feauturing awesome songs, great looking members and a cool CD cover. What more could you want?
Me: Look Mom it's OK GO on TV!
Mom: Who's on TV?
Me: OK GO!
Mom: Excuse me? I don't like that attitude...
Me: OK GO!
Me: OK GO!
by mimi December 18, 2004
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1 The name of someone you care about,like a child or your man
2 a name a girl will call yah if you say sumthin she think is wrong
1 Hey boo-boo, i missed you!; Look at dat lil boo boo rite dea, she is so cute
2 Uh-uhhh boo boo you wrong fa dat one
by mimi August 22, 2004
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The fin on the back (dorsal) side of an aquatic animal such as a fish, dolphin, or shark.
The dorsal fin on that shark is hook shaped
by mimi June 13, 2003
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noun. slang for vagina
adjective. of or relating to the vagina and anything pertaining to sexual activity.
He penetrated her pansa during sexual intercourse.
by mimi March 1, 2005
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1.(adj) funny to the point of tears; when something's past the point of hilarious
by mimi March 1, 2005
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some1 who is a total loser and thinks he is some god wen he rellay is just a piece of shit!
ur such a lillu!
by mimi April 27, 2003
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