A person who cares about the girls he likes. He is always loyal. Always there when you need him. Always there if you need to talk. Has a nice and charming personality. He is very nice and a gentlemen.

And is as person you can like pretty easily. And always has a pretty nice sized DICK
Theodore is a really nice and loving guy.
by big man d May 27, 2019
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Friend X: YO witch ones getting the best head

by Chad Thunder Cock October 11, 2019
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He's hot, fun and cools the life of the party.he is always sweet likes to cuddles knows how to make the ladies smile.he is very intelligent his gaming skills are over the top unstoppable. He gets all the ladies with his talent to manipulate the situation in his benefit .he will be there when you down and need the company never lets you down. He's down to earth a bit crazy but how else you going to have a good time. he will spoil the ladies with flowers, cooking and his time.
Theodore is so special to me A great teacher with many hidden talents.
by mennäperille December 18, 2019
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A nice, sweet, sexy, very odd type of person, that everyone can get alonge with.
"Awww thank you, your such a theodore ^^"
by JadaBaby August 7, 2008
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A kind harded person. Will always be there for you. Hard working. Sexy.hot. does not fight.
that's theodore
by sup123456789 July 6, 2009
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The sauciest man alive
Bro, you hit that girl? Your such a theodore.
by Kvng.kunta December 27, 2016
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