The place where you'll either have the most fun or the most annoying time of you life.
VR Chat was never the same after the Ugandan invasion.
by Yote_Maestro April 30, 2018
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Game with no plot, sometimes spammed with Ugandan echidnas.
VR Chat is cancer.
by Kenton Makings November 2, 2018
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A game full of chronically online "people".

In this game, you will find: eDaters, furries, erp, pedos, and a shit load of other people who live in their mom's basement and haven't showered in weeks.
People who play this game typically have very little or no real-life friends and make the argument that internet friends are just as good, even though they do not know the person on the other side and probably live on two different continents.
Person 1: "I just found a girlfriend on VR Chat"
Person 2: "Bruh you're so fucking chronically online, they're probably not even a girl bro that's a discord mod"
by FatherlessYiffer March 14, 2023
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a game where mostly online daters or pedophiles get on to mingle with children also known for zoophiles
“hey I got a boyfriend”
“really where did you meet them”
vr chat
“how old are they”
by Vrgamespeakeroffacts May 1, 2022
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The pit of online dating. Never date in Vr Chat.
Vr Chat is hell.
by little_fig January 21, 2022
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